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My Projects

I have done so far
  • Bengali Vines

    Bengali Vine is a short-form video sharing service where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. On Vine, there's never a dull moment. For more information visit www.bengalivines.com.

  • CloudSMS+

    CloudSMS+ was an online service which enabled users to receive and send SMS in their browser. This was possible through establishing a connection between an installed app and the google servers.

  • Animation Video

    create animated marketing videos, sales videos for Tramigo Saudi Arabia. In fact, this video reached more 500K views. For more information visit

  • Smart Dialer

    Smart Phone" can be used on the compatible Android phone sets to make VoIP calls using a service provider. It allows international voice calls over WiFi or 3G/4G network. Service provider who bundled this application with their services can offer their customers to download Smart Phone Dialer.

  • HOPE-For Exceptional Needs

    Created a Organization website for the Handicapped Children. # Development, Design, Wordpress, Bootstrap. For more information visit www.hopeska.org.

  • PlanetSporty

    A timetable reservation tool which enables sport trainers to create their own timetable so that customers are capable of making reservations for these. For more information visit www.planetsporty.com.

Web applications

Starting with very simple web sites till complex internet presences.


No matter whether Java Applications or Mobile Apps.

Graphics & Design

Such as creating unique logos, catchy folders or just clear handouts.

Video Production

Unfortunately, not much knowledge for professional outcomes.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

~ Scott Adams ~


My Interests

are really cool

If I am not currently working for any project I really like doing the following things in my leisure time to keep me on the run.

Well, as you can see here are some interesting facts about myself.


seconds to run 60m


for my first ticket


average puls


views on my video

My personal


of my life

Here you can find all major events which influenced my life and have made me the person I am today.


1 January 1992
  1. From September 1999 till June 2003 I attended school for the first time and got a lot of new friends.

  2. One of the most influential time was at this school because of my friends and the fact that I grew older.

    • I successfully graduated at the IISJ, Informatics and completed +2,also done a lot of valuable projects.

    • In the third grade we organized the Project Award to reward the best projects of our school.

    • As part of the Project Award we also organized a business fair where companies were able to promote their products.

  3. My first internship was in 2008 at General Motors Powertrain Vienna where I touched the work life for the first time.

  4. At my internship at BAWAG P.S.K. I did really cool stuff such as disassembling computers.

  5. My second internship at General Motors was also in the IT department and I was allowed to develop a tool for scanning products.

  6. My part time job at EF consisted of guiding young kids through Saudi Arabia and bring them safe to the airport or hotel.

  7. Yes, I really did three internships at GM. At the third an last one I was at the manufacturing and had to order mechanical components.

  8. Developed a hovercraft and made it remote controlled at 2.4 GHz frequencies. The controls were using hand gestures, by wearing a glove.

  9. Because I had really a lot of fun with the kids and it wasn't heavy work I decided to do this again.

  10. I had to go after my dreams and work harder, I dared to startup my own online based IT Solution Company and it going well along with my job & studies.

  11. I have attended GU to get my bachelor's degree in Informational Technology.

  12. Since February 2014 I am Support Engineer at Tramigo, besides studying at the GU.


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